Our new house wine
"Origin and Homeland

The story of a matter of the heart

The idea to create a new house wine was born in 2021 during the lockdown. No sooner said than done! Our graduate sommelier Elmar Rimml went in search of a suitable partner and quickly found what they were looking for. It's hard to believe, but there are also winegrowers in the Pitztal valley, so it quickly became clear that Fabian Neururer from Wein Neururer would accompany this project of the heart. 

Fabian Neuruer is a graduate of the Höhere Bundeslehranstalt für Wein und Obstbau and a certified sommelier. With his own wine creations, which can also be found on our wine list, he has realised a long-awaited dream. Numerous conversations and telephone calls were necessary until The project then really took off, with Willi and Elmar together with Fabian Neururer, took the cuvetting of the wines into their own hands. There was a lot of tasting, fiddling and tasting, because creating a wine that has to correspond to a very wide range of tastes is a real challenge. Nevertheless, a common denominator was found in the end. 

After the composition was fixed, the label was created in-house with the following background: Origin and home is the guiding principle of our philosophy and fits here like a glove. The idea for the house wine originated in our homeland, the Pitztal. With the stag antlers we have Fabian Neururer is immortalised in the logo, because besides wine, Fabian's great passion is hunting and the stag is his trademark. There is also a heart on the label. If you look closely, you will discover a fingerprint - this symbolises the influences of Chef Willi. and graduate sommelier Elmar, who have clearly included their taste here, and hopefully also that of their guests. With the chequered elements in red and green, we show once again that this retro symbol belongs to Tyrol just as much as our establishments do. 

We are very pleased that our Cuvees Origin and homeThe "new" wines have found their place in our wine cellar and are just waiting to be tasted by you.


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