With the SAFE SERVICE learning app, we are always up to date on Corona rules.

Tyrol's tourism relies on certified safety - and we are part of it: We take our role as a responsible host seriously and use the "SAFE SERVICE" learning app as a modern training tool for our employees. Our operation has successfully completed the digital training on safety topics such as protective measures, distance rules, hygiene or contactless customer experience. New regulations, such as entrance tests, guest registration and prevention concepts, are also part of the training. The app informs about important changes directly via push message to the mobile phone.

In this way, we live SAFE SERVICE® internally and always know which precautionary and safety measures are to be implemented for our guests. We also consciously show SAFE SERVICE to the outside world and make it visible that we are a SAFE SERVICE® company. In this way we make our contribution to making the region visible as a safe holiday destination.

More info: https://safe-service.tirol/qr-check/

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