Teamwork makes the dream work

It is no secret that we at Sonnblick are very proud of our team.
What is really special for us is the fact that this has long since ceased to be something we notice alone, but that we receive a lot of positive feedback from a wide variety of sides and sectors about how great it is to have such a wonderful team in times like these. We know what a privileged situation we are in and that is exactly why we are giving you a little insight into who the faces behind the Sonnblick factory are.


ti:m noun
A group of wonderful people who work together and seek solutions, then achieve goals together. A unit made up of different personalities, where every single person is irreplaceable and everyone stands up for the others. A team is stronger together than its individual parts.
Synonym: crazy bunch, gang

We as a family represent our company, but alone we could not keep the Sonnblick factory running. Our team of 25 power women and power men carry the Sonnblick sun in their hearts and it is a huge challenge every day to get the "bunch" of so many different characters under one hat - but it also fills us with pride that we are allowed to face this challenge.

Team Family

Team Reception - where the holiday begins

We welcome our guests with a warm smile. Not put on, but honest and sincere, we take care of the concerns of all Sonnblick visitors. What many people don't realise is that our commitment is not only needed on site, but begins before any personal meeting with our guests. As the old saying goes, "Talking makes the people come together", and so it is almost part of our daily routine to convince "holiday seekers" that it is always worth their while to stay with us at the Sonnblick.

Team Service- Personalities with a lot of sun in their hearts

It is no longer just about bringing food and drinks to the table. Service is a matter of the heart for us, and this includes not only a lovingly laid table, the consideration of all our guests' requests and, of course, the fact that every guest has eaten and drunk at the end of the day. It is the little things that our guests experience and the attention that is given to each individual.

Team Kitchen- Creative team players with a great preference for regional products

Those in the Sonnblick kitchen know their trade - this is not just something they say, but truly corresponds to reality. And the feedback from the numerous Sonnblick gourmet holidaymakers confirms this. They fiddle around, try things out and prepare dishes - until they are just right. We work as a team, with a lot of passion and with the approach that regional products have top priority.

However, our pleasure magicians would be nothing without the brownies in the washing-up area. They make sure that all Sonnblick guests enjoy a "clean" meal. Here they wash up, polish and polish everything to a high gloss so that you can feast without a guilty conscience at any time.

Team Etage- Here we keep things in order

No task here at Sonnblick and B&B Elisabeth is as personal, as close to the guest and as challenging as hygiene in our cosy rooms and suites. Our floor fairies do their best every day and make sure the hut is sparkling.

But they don't just ensure cleanliness on the floors and in the wellness area, they also conjure up swans and hearts from beds and lovingly draped figures from pyjamas - real talents...

Team Sonnblick

Working at the Sonnblick


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