Sustainability at the Sonnblick

We think ahead

The term sustainability is not new and not an invention of climate activists. It encompasses more than environmentally friendly action. Sustainability describes responsible behaviour.

All beginnings are difficult - this is not true for us when it comes to sustainability, because this topic has played an important role in all our work and activities for a very long time. Until now, we have only informed our guests little or not at all about how we stand, act and decide on this topic in the company and also in the private sphere.

Nepal goes Pitztal

We are proud of our employees by nature. After all, the whole Sonnblick factory is only driven by this "bunch" of predominantly local Heinzel Fräuleins.
Recently, two more very special helpers joined this team. We would like to tell you what an Everest trek in Nepal has to do with it.



The Pitztal is one of the most beautiful and wildest side valleys in Tyrol. In order to cultivate the rich natural diversity between 717 m and 3,774 m, it is therefore essential for all of us to minimise the human footprint and push sustainable initiatives. Therefore, since 1 November 2020, the Pitztal is one of four Clean Alpine Regions (CLAR) in Tyrol, with the aim of further developing itself as a climate-friendly tourism region and implementing measures in the areas of climate protection and sustainability. Within the Clean Alpine Regions (CLAR) project, measures in various areas of tourism (accommodation, mobility, etc.) were promoted and implemented in the Pitztal valley.

Sustainable Development Goals

At the HOTEL SONNBLICK, we are committed to the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs for short). Our stated goal is to make effective contributions to the goals #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth and #13 Action on Climate Change and its Impacts by 2027.

We bear the stamp
"We think ahead"

In the last few months, we have been working hard to find a way of labelling for our guests - but also for us and our staff - that describes at first glance what comes from where. It is simply very important to us to show transparency and to say quite openly where we get our products from.


First of all, we always pass on the information that we are located at 1616 metres above sea level and that our house is at the end of the Pitztal valley. And since we are almost on the roof of Tyrol, it is only logical that the way to us from the house is longer than to other businesses.

But no one has to go without - on the contrary. The enjoyment of food, drinks and other amenities can take place WITHOUT a guilty conscience, because we and our team are responsible for the decisions in advance, and here we give you our word of honour that we no longer make decisions for price reasons, but that quality always has top priority for us in every respect.

Because we want to be transparent with our guests,
we have developed the following labelling:


...means produced by our employees as well as family members themselves. The raw materials for these labelled products are selected with care and processed with gaaaaaany love...


...means that we have chosen products and basic products here that did not have to travel unnecessarily long distances. When purchasing, we make sure that products from Tyrol, from Austria in general and from South Tyrol are always preferred.


...means that we would like to offer local craftsmen and artists a platform to present their products. Local craftsmanship in connection with local materials is absolutely in the foreground here.

deliberately chosen

...means that we don't have to fool anyone here. At 1616 metres above sea level, banana chips, oat flakes and the like don't grow. But we can still make our contribution by not buying any cheap products, but by making sure that the quality is TOP and that the import routes are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Where do we source our products?

A list of all our suppliers, deliverers and partner companies can be found here:

Company Wedl
Company Kofler
Grissemann Company
Pitztal Regional
National Hunting Pitztal
Arzler Potato Cellar
Village dairy lake
Company Merano
Starkenberg beer
Pure Green
Tyrol Milk
Bakery Schranz
Wine Neururer
Woodworm Andi
Joinery Sailer
Elektro Wultschnig
Grutsch Installations
Painting Riml
Interior decoration Köll


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Four-star hotel in the Pitztal valley

Origin and home - we live the motto of our hotel every day by reflecting on traditions and being open to new things. Four-star hotel comfort embedded in the wonderful nature of the Pitztal make the Sonnblick your home away from home.

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