We are Climate Alliance

Before joining Climate Alliance Tyrol, Hotel Sonnblick underwent a comprehensive climate check. In this context, the current status in the areas of energy, mobility, waste, procurement, catering, water, soil and communication was surveyed. Together with Anabel Heger from Klimabündnis Tirol, the team led by Martina Rimml-Dobler defined sustainability goals for the coming years. 

What is the Climate Alliance?

The Climate Alliance is a global network for climate protection. Municipalities, businesses and educational institutions can join the network and make their contribution to a climate-friendly world. Under the motto "think globally, act locally", Climate Alliance Tyrol supports both local climate protection projects and partner organisations in South America. The common goals are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to protect the Amazon rainforest.

"Climate Alliance businesses are committed to sustainable action, the responsible use of resources and their social responsibility."

Our philosophy

The term sustainability is not new and not an invention of climate activists. It encompasses more than environmentally friendly action. Sustainability describes responsible behaviour. With our membership in the Climate Alliance Tyrol, we want to set an example in order to promote and ultimately establish the careful use of all our resources. Until now, it was considered "normal" for us to use regional products in our cuisine, but we increasingly forgot to tell our guests about this. Raising awareness in all areas among our staff and guests is once again the focus. Furthermore, we will vehemently dedicate ourselves to the topics of waste separation/ waste avoidance as well as the reduction of energy and resource consumption. Thanks to the competent and extremely knowledgeable staff of the Climate Alliance, we are already looking forward to walking the future path together, so that we don't just talk about footprints, but actually set and leave them.

ClimateTips - We can all make a contribution!

  1. Keep radiators free
  2. Regular shock ventilation instead of tilting windows
  3. Fair trade coffee & co.
  4. Do not forget to switch off the light
  5. Switch off computers and other devices in the evening
  6. Print double-sided to reduce paper consumption
  7. Environmentally friendly to the office by bike or public transport
  8. Separate waste correctly
  9. Real tableware rather than disposable packaging
  10. Climbing stairs once more often than taking the lift

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