As we all know, anniversaries and anniversaries should be celebrated...

... but when we remember that it was already two years ago that the current winter season was abruptly declared over on 16 March 2020, we still feel queasy even today. At the time, it was probably best that this decision was taken without warning, because if we had known what was coming, we would probably have freaked out. At first it was completely surreal to make the guests who were in the house at the time, our staff and finally ourselves aware that this meant the END for now.

What to do with our team, with all the supplies, fresh food and all the obligations, and especially with the time we suddenly had. Easter, Christmas and New Year's Eve alone with the family- unimaginable until- yes, until Corona came. We honestly didn't know how to do it, because for as long as we can remember, we have never been alone with our family on such days.

We enjoyed it very much despite the circumstances

But still- 2 years of pandemic have left no trace on anyone.

Closed shops, deserted streets and runways, closed borders - hardly anyone could imagine all that. What was very stressful for us was to be constantly on hold. Are we allowed to open or not? When will it finally start? How many lockdowns were there really in the meantime? - Definitely too many. But apart from all the tests and vaccinations, the quarantine regulations and existential fears, this pandemic has also brought us positive things.

Our employees have always been the driving force behind the Sonnblick "holiday factory". The fear was very great that we would also be affected by the exodus of our skilled workers. Thank goodness this fear turned out to be unfounded in the end, because our team has remained with us and not only that - further valuable comrades-in-arms have joined us.

Moreover, we have grown as a family and not only because of the situation and the difficulties that this pandemic has brought with it - no!

We have also had a new addition to our "private" team. Milian is the name of our big little miracle. Michelle and her partner Jonathan now have their own little family. Michelle is currently on maternity leave - but despite the baby, she masters her role in the background on a daily basis.

Our son-in-law Jonathan has caught it in the last few months - fortunately, I have to say, because Sonnblick fever has now got a firm grip on him. Since the beginning of the year, he has been a permanent member of the team and is helping out everywhere. Alexandra and I are also doing well. We can pursue our passion as hosts again and on top of that we enjoy just being grandma and grandpa from time to time. And how are Maria and Hans-Peter? The two of them are doing just as well - they are still working as brownies in the house. It is not a matter of course for us that all of this is the way it is, because what we have taken with us from these past 2 years is that we are still very happy.


Willi with Alexandra, Michelle with Jonathan and Milian, Hanspeter and Maria

and the whole Sonnblick bunch


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